Take Your Life to the NEXT LEVEL with the World’s
First and most successful Mind Training Program

Experience life-changing transformation in just one weekend!

Overcome personal barriers, shatter your self-limiting habits and beliefs.
Rise above what is stopping you and become limitless.



Improve Your Health

Learn to master stress & anxiety and how you can manage, reduce and transform physical pain


Increase Focus & Productivity

Improve your memory and expand your learning capacity


Sleep Better

Discover how you can sleep without the use of drugs and wake up fully rested and with more energy


More Wisdom & Clarity

Tap into a limitless storehouse of information in your mind and gain accurate guidance to make important life decisions


More Fulfilling Relationships

Create richer connections in your relationships and attract the type of people that resonate with you


Develop Your Intuition

Learn how to listen to your “gut feeling” and have a vivid plan of action that rockets you towards your goals

Your Silva Method Trained Facilitator

Sam Tesfay has been teaching the Silva Method™ for more than 10 years. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Finance (MAF), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Sam previously worked in the corporate space for over 15 years as an Investment Banker and business advisor to major corporations. Over time he realized the disturbing amount of stress employees would face on a daily basis. After many years of stress, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment himself, Sam decided to leave the corporate world and discover his true life passion.Throughout his path of discovery, he came across the Silva Method™ originated by Jose Silva in 1966.

Combining his passion for business and helping others reach success without stress; Sam is now inspiring individuals and corporate all around the world through public presentations, one on one consulting and ongoing mentoring.

 My goal is really very straight forward. To help you
make achieve your full potential. To provide you with
step by step exercises that you can use to expand your
mind beyond anything you ever expected, or even

What People Are Saying About

Jack Canfield

Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

“When you attend a Silva seminar you
are attending the most advanced
human empowerment program

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Best-Selling Author & Entrepreneur

“The Silva Method is shifting energy. I
have used it for many years and highly
recommend it to anyone who is
seeking to enrich their way of life.”

Deepak Chopra

M.D. Author &
Spiritual Teacher

“If you know how to program your
subconscious you can change your
whole future.”

What can Silva Life System do for you?

Silva Life System – Unlimited You

A Personal Evolution Program &  Opportunity of a Lifetime

Silva Life System - Unlimited You: Opportunity of a Lifetime


What People Are Saying About Sam’s Work

Lucy Durack

Musical Theatre Actor, One of Australia’s most successful leading ladies in musical theatre

“What an enlightening, exciting,levitating, magical day! I am VERY inspired and excited about the methods and am raring to go! Thank you for showing the Silva Method with me and us in such a caring,gentle, clear and generous way!”

Sonny Navaratnam

Chairman and Head of Research and Development at Black and White Enterprises Pty Ltd

“Sam is a committed, passionate and loving man of great integrity. He works really hard for the benefit of his clients and goes out of his way to be of help. His generosity is extreme. His willingness to listen is a wonderful change from the normal ‘guru’.”

Melanie Lambert

Law Enforcement officer NSW

“Sam is dedicated to his purpose of empowering people to create anything they want for their life. He is gifted at what he does and he is a teacher and coach with integrity and trustworthiness.”

Dominic Siow

Peak Performance Consultant | Motivational Speaker, Avant-Garde Life investments

“Sam is passionate about sharing his knowledge and communicating the benefits of The Silva Method to others. This technology has the ability to truly help transform lives. A determined, diligent professional with a strong entrepreneurial streak!”

Carolyn Watts

Professional hiring and full service recruiting firm Sydney, NSW

“Sam’s training on the Silva Method was an inspiring event during which I experienced immediate benefits of focus and energy.”

Declan Tierney

Principal – Tierney Page Kirkland

“I have been practicing meditation for some time – The Silva Method is easy to use and very effective. I am confident that this approach will be very beneficial. Thank you Sam!”

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