Silva Method Live Classes

How to Master the Art of Dynamic Meditation

Sharpen Your Brain and Energize Your Body, Improve Your Focus & Increase Your Income.

3 Hours Evening Program

6:00 to 9:00 pm

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and learn how to use the power of

your focused mind and expanded thinking to improve your health,

relationships, achieve your goals and get the most out of your life.


Be part of the Millions of people around the world who are getting
more out of life by using The Silva Method

Silva Life System

            Unlimited You

          Unleash the full power of your mind!

How to remove your block and move forward in your life

Realize Your Full Potential and Live the Life of Your Design


Duration: 1 Day Experiential Event Led By Sam Tesfay (Human Potential Coach)


Standard Price: $

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

How would you like to use self-hypnosis to LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF?

1 Day Program

Standard Price: $

Discover how to…

  • Use self-hypnosis to lose weight and
  • keep if off for good
  • How to stop cravings
  • Eliminate unwanted habit

And Much more….

Silva Life System Students

This program is designed especially for Children. Jose Silva’s intention in creating the Silva Method was o help his children get a better grade. This program is Packed with the same reliable Silva techniques as the adult Silva training and presented in a clear and simple manner, the seminar allows your child to easily understand how to live an improved life of their own design.

They will learn the power of positive living and resourceful thinking and learn how to develop life-building confidence and a strong self-esteem.

The Silva Life System for Children also emphasizes on stress management, improving study skills, setting effective goals, and how to cope with life’s daily challenges.

Work with Sam one on one

Success coaching

  • Remove Childhood blocks
  • Theta healing techniques and Age Regression
  • You Ideal Weight
  • Relationship
  • Business Coaching
  • Hypnosis Sessions to get rid of habits, Quit Smoking, Weight loss, Phobias.

Silva Life System & Personal Evolution Seminar

How would you like to expand your mental abilities and enhance your spiritual nature and as a result attracting health, wealth, and happiness into your life with ease and with the forces of the universe on your side?

It has been said that Einstein used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses 3% or 4%. And that’s what the Silva Method is all about: learning to use more of your mind in a more effective manner.

Duration: 2 1/2 Day Experiential Event Led By Sam Tesfay (Certified Silva Method Instructor and Success Coach)

Standard Price: $


Silva Intuition System & Mind Mastery Seminar 

Living a Limitless Life


  • Learn Remote Viewing,
  • Remote Influencing
  • Remote Healing & Self Healing,


Imagine being so powerfully intuitive that you’ll never second-guess yourself ever again.

Imagine how that affects your career – when you’re always making the right business decisions and choosing the most trustworthy partners.

Imagine being able to tune into exactly what your partner is feeling, and how that brings the two of you even closer.

Imagine being able to rely on a strong “inner voice” that gives you confident ideas and answers to help you overcome any challenge.

Duration: 3 Day Experiential Event Led By Sam Tesfay (Certified Silva Method Instructor and Success Coach)


Advanced Seminars


Silva Manifesting Seminar

The Key to Attaining Life’s Desires. Awakening the Reality Architect in you. Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life with the Silva Manifesting program.

And whether you realize it or not, there’s a Reality Architect in YOU too.

At The Silva Method, we believe everyone is born a Reality Architect — and that all you need to do to realize this ability is to wake up.

How? Through a scientific process that tunes your conscious and subconscious mind to the frequency of manifesting.

Led by Laura Silva former Silva International CEO, author, speaker and Success Coach

Location and Dates: 2017

The Silva Mind-Body Healing Seminar

Activate Your Mind’s Natural

Healing Mechanisms

Start Improving Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

Are You Interested In Holistic Well-Being Rather Than Conventional Medication? Do You Want To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands? Are You Ready To Learn How To Connect With Your Innate Healing Power?

“You Too Can Learn How to Activate Your Mind’s Natural Healing Mechanisms and Start Improving

Your Overall Health and Well – Being”

Led By Laura Silva former Silva International CEO, author, speaker and Success Coach

Location and Dates: 2017

The Self Healing Seminar

Brings you new programming techniques including:

Did you know that by changing your perception, you are able to change your reality? Everything in your life exists as a direct result of your core beliefs. When you learn to change these core beliefs, you are then able to experience an entirely new life filled with all the wonderful things you truly seek. This is the message and the ultimate outcome of the Silva Self-Healing Mind Program. You are given tools to achieve everything that your heart dreams. Thru this program you will find yourself gaining confidence to become a high achiever in all areas of your life.

Led by Internationally acclaimed Kain Samiya, Award winner Silva Method Instructor and author, speaker and Success Coach

Location and Dates: 2017

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