Seminar Leader and Workshop Facilitator.


Sam Tesfay began teaching the Silva Method™ in 2005. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Finance (MAF), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

It is all about the potentials we all have… Come and discover what natural talents lay hidden within you, transform them and enjoy the quality of life you deserve now!

Having worked in the corporate space for over 15 years as Investment Banker and business advisor consulting to major corporations and in the area of international trade with larger and medium sized corporations in Europe; over time he realised many trends none more disturbing the amount of stress employees would face on a day by day basis.

After many years of stress, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment himself, Sam decided to leave the corporate world and discover what his true passion was in life. Throughout his path of discovery he came across the Silva Method originated by Jose Silva in 1966.

Combining his passion for business and helping others reach success without stress; Sam is now inspiring individuals and corporate all around the world through public presentations, one on one consulting and ongoing mentoring.

Sam Tesfay Certified Silva Instructor

His expertise is in developing human potential.


His experience in a diverse working environment provides Sam an array of tools that can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. Sam’s unique blend of international professional experience allows him to see projects from a different perspective.

His objectives are:


To improve employee health and wellbeing, focus, performance, productivity, efficiency, and work life balance into the workplace. Reduce absenteeism, stress, overwhelm by managing the individual’s overall mental fitness. Click here to contact Sam and see how he can help you improve your life.

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