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In the beginning, Jose Silva was alone in his research. Even his wife Paula was skeptical and cautious until she eventually saw the benefits in the work he was doing with their children. A few friends in Laredo became interested and listened to his ideas and helped him when he asked them to, but many more were suspicious and even hostile.

Eventually Silva’s work attracted the attention of one scientist, who became a close friend and associate, and who brought the research findings to the attention of many other scientists. This pioneering research, overcoming many obstacles and challenges, has provided Jose Silva with many wonderful memories of the people and events that helped us to take the first step into the second phase of human evolution on the planet by succeeding with metaphysics.

This is the story about how scientists became aware of the new science that Jose Silva has named “psychorientology.”

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The Famous Silva Centering Exercise

Life happens; and when it’s too much, we need to relax, chill, and disengage from it all. So what do a lot of us do? Plunk ourselves on the couch, grab the remote and try to shut our worries out… But we end up just as stressed as before. Relaxation is so much more than spending the weekend lying on the couch watching TV! That is more vegetative and mind-numbing than anything; true relaxation actually rejuvenates your cells from within and gives you the energy to face the day with just the perfect blend of serenity and enthusiasm. Think about it – when you spend hours near-comatose on the couch watching TV after a stressful week at work (or parenting, etc.), do you get up and feel the life energy surging through you? Heck no, right? TV just reinforces the negativity that causes stress, and you have not released any of the stress you’ve accumulated. You’ve been mentally distracted, that’s all. The minute you get up, your mind starts churning with the same old worries, dramas and fears that cause you to feel stressed in the first place.

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The Key to Relaxation

Fractional Relaxation teaches you to be fully present and aware. As you’re focusing your attention on relaxing a part of your body, you can’t be thinking about anything else. You also become more aware of your body, and where it tends to hold on to your stress. Some body parts will relax only a little, but some will relax, and relax some more, and more, as you feel (with amazement) how much tension you’ve been holding there. It’s easier to do “Fractional Relaxation” than to try to relax the whole body at the same time. The Silva Method recommends starting at the head with this relaxation technique because the upper body holds far more stress than the legs – and because you may find yourself fast asleep before you ever reach your toes!

You can also apply the technique internally, intentionally relaxing every organ in your body – so brush up on your anatomy and send healing energy to every organ as you go deep into meditation! The Fractional Relaxation exercise can be done anytime you need to get the “weight of the world” off your shoulders. It’s particularly effective when done lying down, because then every single muscle can relax instead of just being able to relax the muscles not involved in supporting your skeleton! Will you fall asleep? Maybe; or maybe you’ll just go deeper into Alpha and enjoy many moments of relaxation.

The Alpha brainwave state is not a temporary distraction from stress. Being in the Alpha state actually helps you release stress mentally, emotionally and physically. The Alpha state brings clarity, easier whole-brain thinking for effective problem solving and inner peace. You learn to see the world in a different way, one that is less prone to stress and more prone to happiness.

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