How much can stress cost your business?

According to a study done Safe Work Australia and Medibak Private, stress is costing Australian economy $15.00 billion a year.

Stress related presentism and absenteeism are already directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.

What causes stress?

Is stress affecting your employees?

What are the effects of stress?

How can you manage stress in the workplace?

Corporate Load

The ability to master your emotions is one of the most important keys for success in your business and personal life.

They spoil relationships, create stress, create health problems, reduce productivity, stall your career, destroy your family life and tear down your self-esteem.

This one-day program presents an innovative, solution driven approach to the inevitable problems that arise at work and at home.

You will discover amazing, proven alternatives that you can harness in the most difficult or trying situations.

How can we  help?

We offer businesses of all sizes a tailor-made plan to help ensure their investments in a corporate health strategy leads to a return on investment.

To learn more, contact us today on 1300 729 233

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