What is The Ultra Seminar?

The Ultra Seminar is an advanced course developed to help you build on the Silva Method techniques found in the Silva Method program. Exercises you’ll learn in the Ultra Seminar will improve your life, your business, and your relationships. You will learn to combine your subjective and objective healing abilities into an even more powerful tool, one that you can learn to apply to any area of your continuously evolving life.

The Ultra Seminar brings you new programming techniques including unfocused vision, confusion technique, survival mechanism and holistic faith healing methods. The techniques in the Ultra Seminar will allow you to attract employment, collect debts, and increase sales.

You’ll also learn how to teaching your loved ones to use Silva Method techniques and exercises.


Would you like to:


This 2-day seminar is open to all Silva Graduates who want to develop their natural faith healing abilities to help oneself and

their loved ones.


• Everyone interested in helping others

• Everyone interested in alternative medicine

• Everyone interested in natural healing

without side effects.

Pre-register here and be the first to know when tickets will be released.

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